What does our Sofa,Carpet,Chair,Shampooing Cleaning Service include?
# For a Fabric Sofa,Carpet,Chair:
* The first step is to dry vacuum the Sofa,Carpet,Chair,and remove all the food crumbs,dust and debris from the surface of the Sofa,Carpet,Chair.
* Then a biodegradable cleaning solution is used to thoroughly clean the Sofa,Carpet,Chair,and remove any stains on odour emanating from the Sofa,Carpet,Chair.
* The last step is to remove the dirty water from the Sofa,Carpet,Chair,and to dry it completely.
# For lather Sofa:
* The first step is to dry vacuum the Sofa to remove all the dust and food crumbs from the crevices and surface of the Sofa.
* Then our professionals use a special cleaning solution to clean and sanitise the leather Sofa to remove any the small,stain,etc.
* The last step is to apply a special leather Polish to make your leather Sofa like a brand new one.